The Terms of Use, provided below, constitute a legal contract concluded between the TAHEEBO JAPAN, Co., Ltd. Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) and all users of the Website. Please read these terms carefully, as use of the Website constitutes acceptance of these terms. The Website has been designed to provide general information about TAHEEBO JAPAN, Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “TAHEEBO JAPAN”) and the products, and not to market its products.
All materials, phrases, photos, and graphics presented on the Website are protected under the copyright laws of the relevant countries.
Users may not modify or reproduce any materials on the Website.
The use or reproduction of the Website without permission may be addressed with a legal measure.
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Any trademarks, including corporate names and product designs on the Website, are protected under the trademark law of the relevant countries, and are not allowed to be used without prior written permission from the Website. The use or reproduction of trademarks, corporate names, or product designs on the Website without permission may be addressed with a legal measure.
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All the information on the structure formula and the usefulness of “NFD” presented on the Website are protected under the respective patent laws of Japan, US, Taiwan, and China. The use or application of the name or information of NFD without permission infringes on our patent right. Such violation of the patent right will be addressed with a legal measure.
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TAHEEBO JAPAN is committed to the strict management of the personal information provided by the customers. Please note the following issues:
TAHEEBO JAPAN and the sales agents may use the personal information of the customers for the purpose of our business activities including the provision or introduction of our products and/or services. Such information may be used for providing information on Taheebo for free.
The personal information of the customers may be transferred to our designated sales agents for the purpose of providing or introducing our products and/or services. In such cases, the sales agents to which the information transferred shall strictly manage the personal information of the customers as TAHEEBO JAPAN does.
If a customer has a complaint on the handling of the personal information he/she provided, or requests the disclosure, correction, or suspension of the personal data, TAHEEBO JAPAN shall sincerely respond the complaint or request after the identification procedure.
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The Website has made and will continue to make efforts to provide accurate information on “TAHEEBO NFD” , however, it has no warranty or responsibility in terms of the accuracy, integrity, and appropriateness for a particular purpose of the user.
Users of the Website shall agree that they may access and use the Website and links therefrom only at their own risk.
No one involved in the design and/or transmission of the Website shall be liable for direct, indirect, accidental or derivative damage attributable to use of, access to or inaccessibility of the Website or links therefrom, or attributable to reliance on the information containing content errors, typographical errors or omissions.
No one involved in the design and/or transmission of the Website shall be liable for any inconvenience or damage to users caused by suspension of the Website.
Whenever users operate a computer to use the Website, they shall be responsible for taking preventive measures against computer viruses and other destructive programs.
TAHEEBO JAPAN is not obliged to preserve secrecy with regard to information or data the user may provide in the form of e-mail or others, except for the personal information. TAHEEBO JAPAN may use, reproduce, or present such information or data for any purpose at its discretion.
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The websites linked from the Website are totally independent from TAHEEBO JAPAN. The Website has any control of the contents of such websites when the users of the Website access to them.
A link to another website does not mean the recommendation of the Website for the contents or to use it, nor an acceptance of our responsibility for the linked website.
The Website does not have intention to establish new cross links any more, basically. If you consider to establish a link to the Website, please let us know via “Inquiries” .
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The Website offers information services for users free of charge. The Website shall reserve the right to delete, modify, supplement, and close the contents distributed through the Website without prior notification, and shall not be liable in any way for any consequences attributable to such change.
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These “Terms of Use” shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Osaka District Court shall serve as the court of first instance for all disputes arising from these “Terms of Use.”
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