Amid calls for a reduction in expenditure from public health insurance, our finansial burden has increased over the year. Under these circumstances, we always need to pay attention to our own health.
In modern society, however, irregular diet and lifestyle or a lot of stress from work easily disturb our physiological balance and lead to a deviation from our nomal condition. If left as it is, our body condition might deteriorate to the worst. Altough it is important to keep a regular life, living an ideal life as a saint is difficult; we often neglect our health and fall sick. However, it is essential to keep your health first of all, for the sake of your beloved family, isn't it?
TAHEEBO JAPAN CO., Ltd. sincerely wishes to contribute to your health by letting you know the excellence of the natural bark tea "TAHEEBO NFD."
"TAHEEBO NFD" contains a number of natural ingredients, such as polyphenol and quinone,in addition to basic ingredients including vitamins, mineralsm proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates, in a well-balanced manner. These ingredients, each of which has an excellent ando distinct action, produce a synergistic effect to keep the human body in calm ando health (normal) condition. We want you to stay in good health by regularly drinking "TAHEEBO NFD."

* NORMALIZATION means to keep your body and mind healthy and normal, which is a concept proposed by the Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary and Traditional Medicine (JACT).
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