Company name
Address Osaka Head Office:
1-2-12 Kawara-machi,Chuo-ku,Osaka,Japan
Tel:+81-6-6226-1218 Fax:+81-6-6226-1559

Tokyo Branch Office:
Nihonbashi Sakura Bldg.,3-1-4 Nihonbashi,
Tel:+81-3-3279-1218 Fax:+81-3-5205-2717

Other Bases:
Domestic Plant & Warehouse(Saitama Pref.)
Sao Paulo Office(Brazil)
Brazil Plant(Brazil)
Brazil Warehouse(Brazil)
San Francisco Office & Warehouse(USA)
Foundation December 7, 1985.
Number of Employees 24
Products Natural bark tea "TAHEEBO NFD", "TAHEEBO NFD ESSENCE", "TAHEEBO NFD EXTRACT", "TAHEEBO NAFDIN",cosmetic "naft fran dion ",Beauty soap "TAHEEBO SOAP RICH", and toothpaste"TAHEEBO PURE"
Subsidiaries TAHEEBO KOREA Co.,Ltd.(Seoul,Korea)
E.l.Enterprize Co.,Ltd.(San Francisco,USA)
TAHEEBO Memorial Institute for Medicinal Plant
Membership of Scientific Socienties Japanese Society for Complementary and
Altemative Medicine
Japanese Society for Integrative Medicine
Japan Mibyou System Association
Evidence Based Medicine Promotion C1ouncil Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association
Representative Heihachi Hatanaka,President
Domestic Bases
Osaka Head Office(the company's own building)
Tokyo Branch Office(Nihonbashi Sakura Bldg.)
Taheebo central Research Center
(Research Institute for Production Development)
Global Bases
Sao Paulo Office(Brazil)
Taheebo Memorial Institute for Medicinal Plant Reseach(Brazil)
Brazil Plant(Brazil)
Brazil Warehouse(Brazil)
San Francisco Office & Warehouse(USA)
History December 1985
TAHEEBO JAPAN CO., Ltd. was established(capital:8 million yen). The head office was located in Chuo-ku, Osaka, and a natural bark tea "TAHEEBO NFD" was launched.

September 1986
The first inspectorate was sent to Brazil.(Since then, site investigation has been conducted every year.)

September 1989
Natural bark teas "AQUECER TIPO" and "AMACIPO" were launched.

July 1990
A canned Beverage "TAHEEBO BEBIDA" was launched by JR Tokai Corporation.

September 1991
A tea-bag product "TAHEEBO NFD" was launched.

May 1992
Tokyo Branch Office was moved from Akasaka to Shinbashi.

January 1995
Products to be exclusively sold in pharmacies and drug stores were lanched.

September 1996
Spray-dried products "TAHEEBO NFD ESSENCE" and "TAHEEBO NFD EXTRACT" were lanched.

July 1997
A Japanese patent was obtained (No,2669762)

September 1997
A U.S. patent was obtained (No,5663197)

April 1998
A Taiwanese (Republic of China) patent was obtained (No,092054).

June 1998
Tokyo Branch Office was moved from Shinbashi to the current location (Nihonbashi).

July 2000
Osaka Head Office was moved from Hirano-machi to the company's own building at the current location (Kawara-machi).

January 2001
A toilet soap "TAHEEBO SOAP RICH" was launched.

Februaru 2002
Aseries of cosmetics "naft fran dion" was launched.

July 2003
A soft capsule product "TAHEEBO NAFDIN" was launched.

April 2004
A Chinese patent was obtained (No.93116259.9).

December 2005
A toothpaste "TAHEEBO PURE" was launched.

February 2006
A warehouse for raw material storage (the company's own warehouse) was completed.
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