The birth of “TAHEEBO NFD” originated from the experience of Heihachi Hatanaka, President of TAHEEBO JAPAN. Some twenty years ago, he came across by fate the bark tea of Tabebuia avellanedae, a Bignoniaceae family tree. The tea using the inner bark of the tree helped him restore his health amazingly. After this experience, he started and continued joint studies with researchers in Japan and overseas, and the team finally discovered a novel ingredient from the natural bark tea, which has superb effects on human bodies. TAHEEBO JAPAN and the researchers focused attention on the benefit of this novel ingredient, and named it “NFD”
Heihachi Hatanaka,
President of TAHEEBO JAPAN
The Amazon river basin covers vast areas with intricate natural conditions, where the habitat environments such as soils for native plants are extremely diverse. According to the study of the late Dr. Walter Radames Accorsi (1912-2006), a known authority of pharmaceutical botany of South America, the constituents and the amounts contained in Tabebuia avellanedae differ greatly depending on the collecting location, even though the species is identical. In order to offer “TAHEEBO NFD” products of high quality steadily to the customers, TAHEEBO JAPAN has established the proprietary harvesting system in cooperation with a local company that possesses a right to harvest native trees in a certain area.
Dr. Accorsi and President Hatanaka
* We DO NOT disclose the location of tree harvesting for the prevention of illegal and unrestrained logging.
TAHEEBO JAPAN does not harvest a native tree of Tabebuia avellanedae younger than 30 years, because the study results have shown that the superb constituents such as “NFD” are not contained in the tree before it is aged 30 years at least. Furthermore, we do not harvest the trees not containing the corporate standard level of “NFD” , even if they lived 30 years or longer. As a result, the number of the trees harvested is very limited in proportion to the whole in the harvesting site. Such approach is based on our company’s policy to protect ecological environment of native forests.
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